Ralph Davis – Voiceover Announcer


Thanks for stopping by - and please check out my Demo Page.

So, what’s your message? Whatever it is, I can help you get it heard! Since 1988, I’ve been providing professional narration for all manner of recordings - from cinema ads and TV commercials... to telephone banking and heavy vehicle emergency warning systems.

My voice has become particularly familiar to thousands of Australians every day as a friendly voice on the phone (no, not that annoying one - the other one)!

In fact, in a focus group conducted by Nuance Communications on behalf of GE Money, my voice was described in terms such as reassuring, calming, friendly and clear.

In casual conversations, people sometimes think they’ve spoken to me before - but it often turns out to be because they have heard my voice recordings on various telephone systems.

It’s particularly well accepted on both Australian and New Zealand business phone systems, and has been described as having a 'Trans-Tasman' quality... which I think is intended as a compliment.

My voice is used on telephone systems operated by Qantas Airlines in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA, for nearly 20 years now. The IVR service, through which callers can track Domestic and International flights for most airlines, receives over five million calls each year in Australia alone.

I can also assist you with copywriting for your script, and will be pleased to suggest changes to your own copy where I feel it might be improved.

Need background music or sound effects as well? No problem - I can help you there too.

I’m happy to provide complimentary personalised demos, so please feel free to email me to discuss your voice over requirements. Whatever your message may be - I look forward to helping you get it out there!